The Company


Airport Parking Mallorca has become a benchmark for the inhabitants of the island who are looking for a professional parking service at a competitive price. Thanks to the loyalty of our customers, the company has continued to be committed to consolidating itself as “the airport parking company”.

Since March 2021,Airport Parking Mallorca belongs to the Grupo iPark Estacionamiento y Servicios de Movilidad S.A.U. (“ Grupo iPark“).
Al buen hacer y profesionalidad demostrada por Airport Parking Mallorca se une ahora la solidez y seguridad de pertenecer a un gran grupo profesional como es Grupo iPark.

In this sense, Grupo iParkhas two major divisions

  • iPark city, which includes typically urban parking lots and mobility contracts, in the city centers or associated with hospital complexes, for example
  • iPark travel, through which car parks and parking services are managed (valet or pick-up services of vehicles at the terminal, transfer services or transportation to and from the terminals, etc.)

In this manner, Mallorca has become a benchmark within iPark travel, where it continues to maintain the qualities that have made it become a leading company in the sector: professional team, customer service, innovative solutions, continuous improvement of facilities, and all of this at very competitive prices.

Seasoned travelers will identify several of the Grupo iPark companies: Park & Fly, Low Cost Parking, Park & Voa, Parking 4 You, AparcaMadrid, Parking 10, Parking Blanco, Easy Parking, etc…

And our presence extends to several cities in Spain (Majorca, Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga, Bilbao and Las Palmas) and Portugal (Oporto and Faro)

Because Airport Parking Majorca is a great company in a great group: your point of reference for all parking services.

Airport Parking Mallorca

Our philosophy

“Our clients are the most important visitors in our house.
They do not depend on us. We depend on them.
Clients do not interrupt our work,
because they are the object and purpose of it.
In our tasks, they are not strangers.
They are part of our tasks.
We are not doing them a favor if we provide them with a service.
They are doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to serve them”.


(Mahatma Gandhi)